Bed Bug Dog Inspection

Our Bed Bug Dog Inspection in The NYC Area

Having a bed bug dog conduct inspection is a great first step in eliminating bud bugs. Once a bed bug detection is complete, our exterminators are able to devise an extermination plan. Bed bug inspection is part of our 3 step bed bug extermination process.

Bed Bug Cleaners employs our highly trained canines with sensitive noses to:

• Precisely find the hiding places where the bed bugs are hiding
• Sniff out a bed bug infestation that may be invisible to the naked human eye, such as in furniture.
• Canine bed bug inspection enables us to detect nesting areas such as between walls and electrical outlets.
• Bed Bug detection dogs help our extermination team devise a plan in getting rid of bed bugs.
• Offer routine inspection services to : hotels, dormitories, apartment buildings on a monthly or weekly basis


Bed Bug Scent Detection Canines

The dogs used in the Bed Bug Cleaners canine bed bug inspection have such sensitive noses that they can sniff out even bed bug eggs. Whenever our clients experience symptoms that they believe are signs of bed bug infestation, we always suggest a bed bug dog inspection to help us hone in on any places where bed bugs might be hiding. After they first hatch, bed bugs are hardly even the size of apple seeds, and they are virtually invisible until their first feed. A bed bug dog detection routine helps the Bed Bug Cleaners determine where they should perform their visual checks and preventative measures for bed bug infestation.


Our call centre operators are available 24/7 for any bed bug emergency

Even adult bed bugs are expert at hiding, which can make them hard to detect during the early stages of a bed bug infestation. The Bed Bug Cleaners dog inspection services can direct our exterminators to areas that may have otherwise been missed when searching for bed bugs. A bed bug dog inspection is ideal to track down the elusive pests before they take over. Routine canine bed bug inspections are also perfect for businesses such as hotels and movie theatres, that may be likely to attract bed bugs. Using the Bed Bug Cleaners dog inspection services can help detect an infestation early on, so our expert exterminators can snuff it out before it starts.
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