Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bug Extermination Services

While it is true that clutter makes it a challenge to control bed bugs, the fact that you have them is not a reflection on your personal hygiene or housekeeping. They have been found in five-star Manhattan hotels and the most immaculate homes. They are great travellers and nest in suitcases, purses, and gym bags. The size of apple seeds, bed bugs live in mattresses, pillows, bed frames, wall cracks, moulding, door frames, hanging pictures, curtains, carpets and more.


Bed Bug Pest Removal

At Bed Bug Cleaners, we do not only provide bed bug extermination services, but we are determined to help you control their growth as well. With this in mind we present a line of innovative products for controlling the infestation before, during and after the extermination.


Extermination is step 2 of our 3 step solution

Bed Bug extermination is the second step in our 3 step solution for bed bug treatment. During this stage, a bed bug exterminator will apply a variety of natural and safe methods to eradicate bed bugs in all stages of life. We offer both natural, non-toxic bed bug extermination products as well as bed bug sprays with pesticides depending on your needs. Other aspects of our 3 step process include Bed Bug Prep services and a bed bug inspection with a bed bug dog, to help you get the most out of treatment.


How to Remove Bed Bugs: Our Step by Step Approach

 Our first step of bed bug eradication includes deep cleaning to eliminate possible nesting areas or places where bed bugs could be hiding. The clothing, bedding or other fabric present in the infested area needs special laundering at hot temperatures. This is important for the bed bug eradication process as the bugs and their eggs get destroyed in this treatment, preventing further growth. Our Laundry Additive is specially formulated to kill nits and dissolve nit glue. Use it with or without your regular laundry detergent. After the complete cleaning of the infested place we move on to treatment and prevention. As part of our bed bug extermination service, Bed Bug cleaners can replace mattresses or other furniture at wholesale prices. We also have solutions to save your old bed from infections and keep new ones fresh. We carry our own line of specially made bed bug inhibiting Mattress Encasements with a 10-year warranty and a patented zipper to prevent bed bugs from infesting mattresses or box springs.



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