Bed Bug Laundry

Bed Bug Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services in NYC

Our knowledgeable, courteous and well trained staff comes to wherever you are located in NYC and the surrounding areas to :

  • Bag your clothing, sheets, pillow cases and any other garments that are washable; including your curtains and drapes.
  • Bag up your children’s stuffed animals, dolls and toys and treat as necessary.
  • Launder/dry clean the dirty garments we picked up.
  • Treat any clean clothing that is necessary with heat treatment.
  • Items that can’t be laundered are bagged up and sealed to suffocate the bed bugs.
  • Fold all of your garments and prepare them for delivery.
  • Deliver your garments, bed bug free


Free Pickup & Drop Off Services

All of the items that are picked up and delivered are treated at our own state of the art facility that has been specifically designed to treat bed bug infested garments. All machines at our facility are treated after each use to ensure that bed bugs do not make it back to your premises. At Bed Bug Cleaners we provide ourselves on being the industry leaders in bed bug laundry in the Manhattan and the greater NYC area.


Bed Bug Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services


Bed Bug Cleaners offer free and discreet Pick Up& Drop Services for all Bed Bug Laundry & Dry Cleaning. Our team will arrive in unmarked cars to bring your clothing and washable items to and from our specialized bed bug laundry & dry cleaning facilities, where we will perform state of the art bud bug treatment – away from the infested area. We can even sort, pack up, and prepare your laundry for treatment upon request. Letting Bed Bug Cleaners handle all of your needs ensures that the proper measures are being taken to perform bed bug treatment on your things, and to prevent a repeat infestation in the future.


3 Step Process –

 Bed Bug Laundry & Dry Cleaning is included in our bed bug prep services, along  with bed bug inspection with a bed bug sniffing dog, and more. Bed Bug Prep is the first step in our 3 step Bed Bug Solution, the most comprehensive bed bug treatment process that any bed bug exterminator can offer. Need bed bug laundry services? Call or email us to at /(888) 758-7988



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