Bed Bug Steam Cleaning

Bed Bug Steam Cleaning Services

 A common misconception about bed bugs however is that they can only be found in your bed and bedding and inside the lining of your mattress and sheets. If you have found bed bugs in your bedding or mattress, chances are that you will also find them in your closets and or dressers, behind your picture frames, in the folds of your clothing and anywhere that you have clutter.

In order to truly eradicate a current bed bug infestation, the bed bugs, their nymphs and un-hatched eggs all need to be eliminated. This however becomes problematic because un-hatched nymphs can survive in the washing machine at all temperatures – especially in cold water. That is why we offer a truly comprehensive Bed Bugs steam cleaning program that will save you time, money and most importantly, sleep!


As a part of our comprehensive Bed Bugs steam cleaning program we will steam clean:

  • Mattresses
  • Box Springs
  • Pillows/Pillowcases
  • Curtains
  • Upholstery
  • Dressers
  • Closets
  • Couches
  • Cabinets
  • Bathrooms
  • Shoes
  • Clothing/Garments
  • Bags
  • Accessories


Bed Bug Steam Cleaning Services

Steam cleaning in itself is inherently the comprehensive solution in addition to laundering all of your garments in the appropriate manner. The reason being is if you look closely at the list above, many of those items cannot be dry cleaned or laundered. In addition, a thorough steam cleaning is significantly more cost effective than fumigation. The savings are so significant that you can reduce your cost by up to 70% ! Many bed bug exterminators in Manhattan offer many different methods in order to eradicate bed bugs, bed bug cleaners Exterminators is the only company in the NYC area that offers a fully comprehensive Bed Bug Steam Cleaning system that is guaranteed to work!



Cryonite Bed Bug Freeze Treatment in NYC

How Bed Bug Freezing Works: The cryonite machine uses a technique called rapid freezing. Rapid freezing allows bed bug infestations to be controlled, no matter how severe the bed bug infestation is. This machine uses carbon dioxide show, which is non-toxic. Cryonite does not leave any residue on the areas treated. Another advantage of the cryonite machine is that since it’s a freeze, it is not a chemical based treatment.

Most importantly, you will get complete emotional and physical relief from the bed bug extermination. Despite the effectiveness of the cryonite treatment, we always recommend follow up visits to make sure that bed bugs didn’t come back into your premises from another area.



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