Integrated Pest Management

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management. The goal of IPM is to focus on long term prevention through a combination of techniques for a long term solution.

IPM programs use current information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information along with available pest control methods is used to manage pest damage with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.



How Does Integrated Pest Management Work?

IPM is not a single pest control method but rather, a series of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls.

Set Action Thresholds:

Before taking any pest control action, IPM first sets an action threshold. This is when pest populations or environmental conditions indicate that pest control action must be taken

Monitor And Identify Pests:

Not all insects, weeds, and other living organisms require control. IPM programs work to monitor for pests and identify them accurately, so that appropriate control decisions can be made. This monitoring and identification removes the possibility that pesticides will be used when they are not really needed or that the wrong kind of pesticide will be used.


As a first line of pest control, IPM programs work to manage the crop, lawn, or indoor space to prevent pests from becoming a threat. These control methods can be very effective and cost-efficient and present little to no risk to people or the environment.



Once monitoring, identification, and action thresholds indicate that pest control is required, and preventive methods are no longer effective or available, IPM programs then evaluate the proper control method both for effectiveness and risk. Effective, less risky pest controls are chosen first, including highly targeted chemicals, such as pheromones to disrupt pest mating, or mechanical control, such as trapping or weeding. If the less risky controls are not working, then additional pest control methods would be employed, such as targeted spraying of pesticides.


Here’s our process

We begin by cleaning all surfaces that bed bugs may be hiding in. This includes bedroom walls, bathroom, floors and kitchen counters. We HEPA vacuum/ vapour in some cases, Steam carpets and furniture  and all sockets, nooks and  Crannies bed bugs like to hide in.

We eradicate bed bugs by treating your entire home or facility according to your particular extermination needs. We recommend treating your car, camper, boat or storage facility in order to target the source.

Finally, after about two weeks, we return for a second treatment in case any bed bug eggs have hatched. The 3 step comprehensive is our proven method for bed bug solutions.



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