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What differentiates Bed Bugs Cleaners from all the other companies is that we take the comprehensive approach to bed bug eradication.

Our comprehensive approach is designed specifically for bed bug infestations and will give results that will be to your satisfaction. This approach is designed in three segments; preparation, extermination and prevention. Each segment of the job is as important and necessary as the others; without completing all aspects, there is no way to totally eradicate the infestation.

Bed Bugs Cleaners has all three aspects covered, by combining the staff of Bed Bug Cleaners with the expert cleaning people at our sister company, Clean Home Clean (CHC), we have the perfect symbiosis to get the job done.


Step 1: Preparation

Bed bugs live in mattresses, pillows, bed frames, wall cracks, moulding, and door frames, hanging pictures, curtains, carpets and more. Bed bug Cleaners understand the need to clean every potential hiding spot and that is exactly what we do. Our bed bug solution begins with cleaning up the clutter and bag all laundry and linen so that we have access to all the potential hiding spots. We then vacuum, cleanse and steam clean all infested living areas and surfaces leaving no place for the bed bugs to hide. Steam cleaning carpets, upholstery and mattresses is an important aspect of our Pest Control services, we go through the residence on our hands and knees searching every nook and cranny, acting as bed bug detectives to ascertain all nesting areas; our goal is to get every last hiding spot with no exceptions. We remove infested mattresses and linens and are able to replace them at our special wholesale prices. Bed bug proof encasements for mattresses, springboards and pillows can and should be used in order to insure bed bugs remain gone long after we are gone.

Another service provided by Bed bug Cleaners is our bed bug eradication laundry service, offering to wash and dry-clean all bedding and clothing to rid the dwelling of the bed bugs and their eggs. Bed Bug Cleaners folds and delivers all items after laundering.



Step 2: Bed Bug Extermination 

After we locate all the nesting spots, our bed bug exterminator can begin applying treatment. Bed Bug Cleaners uses both green and special pesticides specifically designed for bed bug treatment. You decide as to the method and our expert staff will implement the bed bug pest control without putting your kids, pets, or the environment at rick. We take care to use only the best products that will not stain or ruin your furniture or home.



Step 3: Prevention & Follow up

 Bed bugs are active at night and hide during the day. Our experts run a detailed check throughout the premises to find any potential hiding areas, we then cork and seal them up, locking out bed bugs for good. Bed bugs are persistent, so to ensure that we know how to kill bed bugs we set up traps throughout infested rooms to monitor the infestation traffic. Our service is continuous, following-up as many times as it takes to make sure the problem is solved. Our experts work hand in hand with our clients in order to complete the job, this is an absolute must for the work to be complete, if the client is not willing to work together in fulfilling this objective then the infestation will continue. Please be aware that this is a necessary aspect of the comprehensive approach and will not work unless there is a total cooperation in the part of the resident and Bed bug cleaners.

Bed Beg Cleaners is the most comprehensive and professional bed bug treatment New York has. We are fully licensed, insured, uniformed, and bonded for your protection. Call us now for complete bed bug solution.



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