Preparation for Extermination

Preparing for Bed Bug Extermination


Preparation is a first and vital step in treating bed bug infestations. Our goal is to make sure that we have taken into consideration every inch of your property to make it ready for our bed bug extermination and cleaning process. With over 3 decades of solid experience, our highly trained and qualified work force of beg bug specialists are adept at inspecting and identifying bed bug infestations in Bed Bug Cleaners.


Our Comprehensive 3 Step Bed Bug Solution

Our bed bug extermination process consists of three steps – Cleaning (Prep), Treatment (extermination) and Prevention (Planning). This is the most comprehensive and effective treatment for bed bugs.


  • We begin by cleaning all surfaces that bed bugs may be hiding in. This includes bedroom walls, bathroom, floors and kitchen counters. We HEPA vacuum/ vapour in some cases, Steam carpets and furniture  and all sockets, nooks and  Crannies bed bugs like to hide in.


  • We eradicate bed bugs by treating your entire home or facility according to your particular extermination needs. We recommend treating your car, camper, boat or storage facility in order to target the source.


  • Finally, after about two weeks, we return for a second treatment in case any bed bug egg have hatched. The 3 step comprehensive is our proven method for bed bug solutions.



Preparation for Bed Bug Extermination

  1. Remove bed liners, pillowcases, box springs and clothes from infested areas. Place articles in large bags and seal in preparation for laundered services.
  2. Remove and treat unsalvageable bedding and furniture. Transport items to designated collection points of building.
  3. Remove items off the floor, especially in rooms where bed bugs are present or suspected.
  4. Empty bedroom closets, bedside tables, and drawers to prepare for inspection and treatment.
  5. Remove pictures, clocks, posters and adornments from your walls.
  6. Unplug electronic devices; remove all electrical outlets and light switch plates.
  7. We use our H.S.R.A. vacuum for corners and crevices.
  8. Steam Clean and treat your mattress, box spring and headboard. Provide mattress restoration services when possible and mattress, box spring encasements that will keep bed bugs out.
  9. Clean, steam and treat area rugs, curtains and furniture (paying special attention to edges and baseboards).
  10. Ensure perimeters are accessible for bed bug extermination services.


Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally

Aside from increasing the success rate of bed bug extermination, bed bug prep is also a great way to get rid of bed bugs naturally, Our preparation for extermination services offer natural steam methods. Our preparation for extermination services use natural methods and techniques to clean bed bugs from the property, making for a safe and convenient bed bug extermination in and of itself.



Bed bugs Cleaners is your one stop comprehensive service for the eradication of bed bugs.

For over 3  decades, Bed Bug Cleaners, along with its other allies, has successfully provided thousands of satisfied customers with preparation services for bed bug extermination in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island and the entire NYC area.

Bed Bug Cleaners is the only company in the NYC area to offer laundry and dry cleaning services for bed bug infested clothing, linen, garments and tapestries as part of our 3 step solution. We package, remove and deliver your items bed bug free.

We are the industry leaders in providing inspection and preparation for bed bug extermination and pest control services in NYC. Justine Levine, Owner and President, was one of the first industry professionals to develop a comprehensive method for the eradication of bed bugs. His thorough and proven three step method consists of preparation, treatment, and prevention.


24/7 Emergency Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bug Cleaners provide emergency bed bug extermination services 24/7, to help you get rid of bed bugs fast at all hours or whatever time works best for you. A professional bed bug exterminator from our team will arrive ready to go. We have a bed bug dog jack, who performs bed bug inspection to locate the source of the infestation in our bed bug prep services. If you see signs of bed bugs in your home, call us immediately for emergency bed bug extermination services available 24/7.






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